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    Ideas for Creating Carnival Themed Birthday Parties for Kids

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One of the most exciting and fun themes for your child's birthday party is a Carnival theme. You can execute this party flawlessly and on a decent budget if you plan properly. You can do so many different things with a Carnival theme, regardless of budge, space, and time restraints.

    A carnival party can occur anywhere, so consider a free venue or a private yard. The scene honestly doesn't matter, because you build the carnival scene yourself.
    Start the theme off with circus-styled invitations. You can find themed invitations at party stores, or you can print your own using Microsoft Word. For tips on how to make your own, visit!

    Separate sections of the party into games, crafts, food, and prizes. This keeps everything in an organized fashion, with a come and go as you please service style- just like at the carnival. This makes the party fun, while preventing long lines when it's time to eat.

    By creating a carnival theme, you create a multitude of opportunities for activities and games. Look over our carnival games, face painting, and bounce house services for highly esteemed customer favorites! Whatever theme you decide on, remember to get all of your rentals in one place- and ask about bulk discounts.

    Also, look on eBay for party supplies and tangibles like raffle tickets, prizes, and old carnival decor. This will help add to the mood and fun of your party- making the guests feel like they went to a real, live carnival.

    Finish the party off with an awesome DIY Dessert, like a snow cone or cotton candy machine. The kids will rave about your party for weeks to come!

    Photo Favors and Attractions For Events and Parties!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    No Bored Parents at This Party!

    Photography is a huge part of growing up, and kids love pictures and personalization. Since young children are in the process of learning about identity and individuality, expressing who they are is extraordinarily fun to them. So, for the hands down parent-of-the-year award best-party-every, consider photo favors. Here are a few ideas for flawless photo fun at your event.

    Guess Who?

    Ask the guests to bring a baby photo. Number the photos and have everyone try to guess who each baby is, all grown up!  This is fun and it makes for a great conversation starter, because, well... kids are cute!

    Picture Desserts

    The beauty of technology is that, you can make almost any photo edible now! Ask your bakery if they can do this, as most can and will. Kids will be absolutely amazed by this, maybe even some adults!

    Interactive Photography

    Consider a rental, in which kids can make and take their own pictures home. These will make memories and sentimental memories for potential life-long friendships. For example, at Total entertainment we have the Photo Green Screen and a Photo Booth. These are bound to entertain everyone, even the adults!

    Photo Booths

    We remember these from the mid-90s right? They were awesome, and most of us have a few photo strips somewhere. Photo strips are the perfect addition to any event, simply because- you remember how excited you used to get seeing one of these things. Bring that excitement to your kids!

    The Green Screen

    Green Screen Photo Fun is a phenomenal hit because it makes kids feel like a million bucks! They get to experience the magic of movies and still receive tangible memories and sentiments from the photos!


    Photo Favors

    Whatever method you decide to use for your picturesque party, go with photo favors at the end. Kids love seeing pictures of themselves on objects, it’s as if they feel a bit famous and appreciated. Consider things like photo-snow globes, digital-photo keychains, and crystal frames.

    Face Painting Equals Ultimate Kids Birthday Party Fun!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Face Painting Artist For Kids Birthday Parties

    Your child’s birthday is one of the most exciting days in their lives.  All kids look forward to the next party, never the one they are having! Total Entertainment is happy to serve as a one-stop solution for birthday party entertainment.

    Face painting is just one of our many party entertainment services and should make the to-do list for your child’s next birthday party! Face painting is a fun way to dress up without having to wear a costume. Kids love morphing into a new character and this can happen with our unique face painting services!

    Using only hypoallergenic paints that wash off with soap and water, our artists can paint a wide range of pictures onto the party guests’ faces. Our artists look forward to listening to little giggles coming from the guests as they transform into a new character.

    From beautiful butterfly wings across the face to looking like super hero Spider Man, our face painting options are endless. Some face painting examples we offer are animal faces, super heroes like Batman and Superman, princesses, fairies, and much, much more.

     To get the kids excited for the face painting, assure them that it doesn’t hurt, in fact, it might even tickle! Let the kids know that only special brushes and make up are used and that it will wash off when they’re ready.

    Face painting packages are available so be sure to ask about current specials. We can’t wait to join the fun as your precious child turns a year older. Your party will be a success no matter what, but we enjoy being part of the celebration!

    Party Rentals for Milestone Birthday Parties

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Inevitably, you will have a milestone birthday, and you will plan milestone birthdays for family and friends.  Most people think of outrageously fun rentals for children’s birthday parties- but adults deserve fun too. There is no shame it getting grass stains as adults. To have a fun and unique adult birthday party, just think of things you wanted your party to have as a kid.  Except, now you can afford these things and there is nobody to say no! Maybe as you read this you imagine your twenty-fifth birthday, or maybe it is your sister’s big three-oh… whatever you envision- make it awesome. You know your guests and what they can handle, if they are a silly bunch try something comical, like surprising them with an adult-bounce house, or a cotton-candy machine.

    Everyone loves memories! Make sure your event has sentimental items that tug at the guests’ heartstrings. Try renting a photo booth or leaving Polaroid cameras around. Make scrapbooks during the event using photos from the event. This is a wonderful bonding event- sure to make the party a success.

    Keep Your Bounce House Safe!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Staying Safe with Bounce Houses

    A party or event geared towards children will no doubt fill the room with cheer and energy. By nature, kids are enthusiastic about playtime and come with an endless supply of energy. A great party go-to is a bounce house, or as kids like to call them “Jumpy Rooms”. These provide a wonderful time for the kids, burning off their excess energy and sugar rush before bedtime.
    When more than two children are together, the trouble and hazards multiply by the thousands. Even the most responsible child may give into instinct during playtime, so it is imperative to display and enforce these five rules during your party.

    1.    Children in the house should not exceed the listed capacity for the house’s size. Appropriate sizes and ages must remain in the same groups.

    2.    Adults or anyone over twelve may not enter the house, especially with small children.
    3.    Flips and rough housing dramatically increase the risk for injury or accidents. The house prohibits dangerous moves and jumps, and we will remove any children that break this rule.

    4.    Please do not wear shoes inside the bounce house. Shoes cause damage to the house as well as increase the risk of injury if kids collide.

    5.    Please refrain from eating candy or drinking beverages in the house. We must return the house free of any mess, so this helps us avoid extensive cleaning charges.

    For Adults:  It is imperative that nobody, of any age, enters the bounce house while under the influence of alcohol. Even if children are not present, this is a bad idea.

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